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OS: Windows 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7


Publisher: iSergiwa Software


PRT (Perlovga Removal Tool) Description

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Every Windows user knows that there are numerous types of malware and each can cause a specific type of damage to the PC. For example, Perlovga virus adds a new item in the Windows context menu called “Autoplay,” which appears when right-clicking an item. Also, it creates new files within the source folder, the Windows temp folder and the system32 one.
No matter how many times one deletes these files, they keep reappearing, therefore a dedicated tool is required, such as PRT (short for Perlovga Removal Tool).
The advantage of using this application instead of a standard antivirus solution is that the former also deals with the source of the problem and ensures the effects no longer occur, whereas the latter only removes the created items.
Featuring a user-friendly interface, PRT is a tiny portable tool that requires users to simply click a button and start cleaning their computer of this infection. Once the scanning process is complete, users are advised to reboot their PC to make sure all the virus traces are removed.
Those who want to thoroughly clean their system can start their PC in Safe Mode and run this tool. Furthermore, it is best to also connect all the portable devices one uses (such as floppy or USB flash disks) so as to scan them as well, provided the write protection is removed for each of them.
It is recommended to use this app to scan all the portable drives one might have, even if they do not show signs of this threat – it is easier to clean them as a preventive measure than to fix them after having been infected.
It needs to be emphasized that PRT does not aim to replace the exhaustive protection provided by antivirus solutions, since it solely detects and eliminates the Perlovga virus, along with its leftovers; this involves removing the 'autorun.inf' files and cleaning up the system registry.

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