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OS: Windows 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit


Publisher: Lucidlogix Technologies LTD


Virtu MVP 2.0 Description

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Virtu MVP 2.0 provides you with a control panel for a fairly new technology that comes bundled with your motherboard. To check whether your mainboard does support this specific technology, you can look on the box of the product, into its manual or on its website.
The first version of Virtu MVP was integrated in motherboards powered by the Intel Z77 chipset. As for the software, the Virtu MVP 2.0 is a collection of tools for gamers and enthusiasts that allows them to fully utilize the available hardware for the best user experience.
By combining the GPU virtualization technology that Lucid introduced to the market with updates that remove on-screen image tearing, while improving game responsiveness, Lucid has created a software package that no gamer should be without. Virtu MVP 2.0 dynamically assigns task to the best available graphics resource, on-board or discrete, based on power, performance and features for no compromise media processing in 3D gaming.
Virtu MVP 2.0 offers universal GPU support by combining processor-based graphics with both AMD and NVIDIA discrete cards. With the monitor connected to the integrated GPU display output, the system enters into an energy saving mode, where the discrete card can basically turn off until needed. If you connect the monitor to the discrete GPU, the system performs optimally for 3D gaming while still maintaining usability at Intel’s Quick Sync technology for transcoding video.
Running today’s best PC games requires more graphics power than processor graphics alone can provide, high resolutions and image quality settings on these systems are unplayable with very low framerates. Moreover, games that require DirectX 11 support may not even run at all in some configurations. Using Virtu MVP 2.0, the system can take advantage of the additional graphics horsepower of the discrete GPU to allow the gamer to play at high quality settings effectively.
Furthermore, Virtu MVP 2.0 also packs two other major components. While the Virtual Vsync allows you to play your games with the Vsync feature turned on without the sixty frames-per-second limitation, the HyperFormance is there for improved responsiveness through better management of rendering tasks within the pipeline.
All in all, the Virtu MVP 2.0 is quite the technology and the advantages it brings along are truly impressive. No matter the connection between your monitor and the display port of your choice, Virtu MVP 2.0 ensures that you can rely on the supplied flexibility and configuration. The software addresses all segments of the market, including desktops and notebooks.

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