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[b]Ebay Sniper - No monthly fees, bid at the last second[/b]
[li]Over 5,000 satisfied users have purchased Sniper[/li][li]Sniper is Secure - you do not release your username/password to a third party[/li][li]Regular, free upgrades[/li][li]Unlimited automated auction bidding[/li][li]Handles absolutely all currencies[/li][li]Handles any timezone[/li][li]No per auction fees, no monthly fees[/li][li]a one time payment as per below..[/li]
If you have ever bid on an item on eBay and at the last 3 seconds of the bid someone came out of nowhere and won the item from right underneath you, then you have been .. sniped
Now is your chance to sniper on eBay like the pros.
Get a copy of eBay Sniper. It is a powerful utility which will help you win auctions be sending a bid at the very last possible moment of an auction. This program limits the ability of competing bidders from out bidding you to win the auction.
[li]Go to the auction and copy the auction Item # from the web browser.[/li][li]Paste the item number in the "Item Number" field in the box labeled "Add Sniper"[/li][li]Type in your user id and password.[/li][li]Type in your max Bid. This bid is the maximum bid that you are willing to go to for this item.[/li][li]Type in the number of seconds before the closing of the auction that you wish to bid. Note that the minimum is 3 seconds to ensure that your bid gets through, however you can increase that.[/li][li]Your bid will now be summarized in the description textbox. If all is well with the summary, click the "Add Sniper" button.[/li][li]Your sniper will be added to the table below. Note that Snipers are automatically saved to a file, so if you close and reopen Sniper, your bids should be there.[/li]
If you wish to edit a Sniper, simply double click on the row of the sniper you wish to edit. A dialog will appear and you can modify the Sniper. Once you are done, click the "Done" button and the Sniper will be updated in the table. Note that all changes are automatically saved. If you close Sniper and reload it you will find your previous Snipers created in the table.
[b]Here are some more great features[/b]
[li]Bid in the last 3 seconds .. winning an auction before anyone else does[/li][li]Handles any currency or timezone[/li][li]Lightning FAST bidding speed[/li][li]History of previous completed bids[/li][li]Automatic Preview the auction you are bidding on[/li][li]Suggest a feature .. it'll probably be in the next upgrade[/li][li]Great help .. step by step instructions on how to win a bid[/li][li]Easiest to use Sniping software there is[/li][li]And many more exciting features..[/li]Is sniping illegal, against eBay policy, fraud, or dishonest
Sniping is 100% allowed according to eBay policy. According to eBay's help system:
Bid Sniping (last minute bidding) We always recommend bidding the absolute maximum you are willing to pay for an item. eBay uses a proxy bidding system, so you may bid as high as you wish, but the current bid that is registered will only be a small increment above the next lowest bid. The remainder of your Maximum Bid is held, by the system, to be used in the event someone bids against you.

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